What is a good tire to choose?

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A:  There are tires for many different situations. All Terrain, Mud, and Hybrid. All Terrain will give the best on-road experience while not the most optimal off-road. Mud terrain will give the best off-road ability, yet noisy on road and the compound is usually softer. They may ware quicker. The Hybrid design is a middle of [...]

Do you guys race as well?

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Absolutely! Racing is our passion. Both the owner and the manager of RaceWorks1 have years of experience competing in cars ranging from low horsepower momentum cars to fire-breathing GT monsters.

Do you go to the track?

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Absolutely, we have many clients that like to have us handle all the little things that can take away from the enjoyment of a day at the track including alignment/suspension adjustments between sessions, monitoring data systems, fueling and cleaning the car between sessions, transporting the car to and from the track, etc...

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