What You Need to Know About Shocks and Struts

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A shock absorber on your car or truck is a hydraulic system that slows the motion of the springs when turning or cornering. If you didn’t have the shock on each wheel, the car would shake a lot more and yaw on cornering or tighter curves on the highway. What shocks do is steady the car [...]

How Much to Spend on New Shocks

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In general, the gas charged shocks are better. When you push against a regular shock, it stays; when you push against a gas charged shock it pushes back to the original position before it stays. That is why we use gas charged shocks on heavier vehicles and race cars. On race cars we usually use nitrogen [...]

Time to change the shocks

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Unless there is a catastrophic failure of a shock, we are not able to “check the shocks” as a regular maintenance activity because general wear and tear does not show that much physically. While it is true that there are some seals where gas or oil can leak slowly, it doesn’t ordinarily cause a drip that [...]

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