At Autoworks1 we believe routine vehicle maintenance will not only prolong the life of your vehicle and resale value but your car will also be safer. Preventative maintenance, such as replacing parts before they fail will also decrease the chance of more costly repairs down the road. Most importantly, selecting an experienced, ASE certified mechanic,like AutoWorks1, to perform your vehicle’s maintenance can be an enormous advantage in the overall cost of maintaining your vehicle.

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Autoworks1 is your first stop for all your auto repair and auto maintenance needs. We provide  free estimates, scheduled maintenance, engine diagnostics/repair/replacement, electrical diagnostics and repair, exhaust system repair, timing belt service, clutch service, and drivetrain repair and recall alerts on all vehicles. Our mechanics are ASE™ certified and bring vast experience and knowledge in the service of  most makes and models, foreign and domestic.  Our repairs and maintenance jobs are  efficient and effective and are covered by warranty.  Our garage work area is clean and organized, and our waiting room is clean and comfortable, with free wi-fi for your convenience. Most importantly, all of our work is guaranteed.

Tune Ups- We  use high quality tune-up parts and components to give vehicle the best performance. Quality tune ups can improve the overall performance and mileage of your vehicle.

The 6 Most Important Automotive Fluids

In addition to gas, your car needs quite a lot of other fluids to run properly. The most important ones are:

  1. Motor Oil – This liquid lubricates the internal parts of your engine to help prevent damage from wear, rust, dust and high heat. The quantity, change frequency and type of oil depends on many factors. Your vehicle manufacturer will recommend guidelines to keep your engine running at maximum efficiency. In both newer cars and classic cars, your regular mechanic should perform oil changes for you. The color and texture of your vehicles used oil can sometimes alert them to engine problems before they become serious.
  2. Transmission Fluid – This fluid lubricates and cools your automatic transmission system. Because it is maintained under pressure, a leak, even a slow one can cause havoc. Routine checks and proper level extend the life of your transmission. Note: vehicles with manual transmission use fluid too.
  3. Antifreeze – Helps protect the water in your radiator from either boiling or freezing. It also helps prevent corrosion and provides lubrication to your water pump.
  4. Washer Fluid – This is pretty self explanatory.
  5. Brake Fluid – This is a vital liquid. It allows you to operate your brakes. It is also maintained under pressure and should be checked during regular maintenance (every oil change).
  6. Power Steering Fluid – Another fluid important to your ability to safely operate your car. It helps makes the steering process smooth and reactive.

Make sure that maintaining the proper levels is part of your routine maintenance procedure. It is a good idea to have your regular mechanic perform these procedures for you, because a good one can diagnose other repair problems through observing the color, viscosity, and amount of fluid used between visits.

Just like the shoes on your feet, you vehicle needs a strong foundation to keep all it’s other systems in check.

Your wheels and tires should be the proper fit for your vehicle and if you maintain proper air pressure and even tread wear, you can make your investment last much longer. Aside from appearance and stability, safety is also a key purpose for keeping a good set of tires on your care, at the proper pressure.

Suggested Car Maintenance Frequency

Recommendations may vary based on your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations. As a general guideline, based on mileage, we recommend:

3,000 – 7,000 Miles

  • Oil & Oil Filter
  • Inspect Fluids & Top Off (Transmission, Coolant, Power Steering, Windshield Washer)
  • Inspect Interior Service Lights and Exterior Lights

15,000 – 30,000 Miles

  • Replace Air Filter
  • Inspect Battery & Coolant
  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Replace Power Steering Fluid
  • Inspect Coolant, Radiator, HVAC Hoses
  • Inspect Brake Pads and Suspension System

35,000, 45,000 & 50,000 Miles

  • Inspect & Replace Battery
  • Replace Spark Plugs & Wires
  • Inspect Ignition System & Suspension

Every 60,000 Miles

  • Replace Brake Pads & Brake Fluid
  • Replace Hoses & Coolant
  • Replace Power Steering Fluid
  • Replace Timing Belt

Brakes & Suspension

Brakes & Suspension -A fully functioning brake and suspension systems are critical to your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety of other drivers on the road. We provide  brake and suspension diagnosis, repair and maintenance.

Shocks and Struts

Shock and Strut Services – We can replace aging shocks or struts, we have trained mechanics who can ensure your shocks and struts work properly.

ALIGNMENTS – We offer Wheel Alignment services to protect your tires from unusual wear and tear.

Wheel alignment is actually very straight forward. The three components of wheel alignment, Caster, Camber and Toe keep your car going straight. Newer cars on need one of these components adjusted, but your older, classic cars need the more experienced technician to ensure the proper measurements for optimum performance.

A routine pressure check, tread wear measurement, rotation and alignment is recommended maintenance on all vehicles.

We can restore your classic vehicle to its original state or enhance it to your requirements.

We can take your old classic car and refurbish the vehicle to meet your needs.

Classic cars deserve the finest care when restoring them to pristine, show quality condition. We take pride in our “to factory” restorations.

Computerized Diagnostics facilitates the detection of problems that affect engine performance and emissions.  These diagnostic give our mechanics insight into engine diagnostics/repair/replacement, electrical diagnostics and repair, exhaust system repair, timing belt service, clutch service, and drive train repair.

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What our customers say

We welcome our clients feedback on our work. Below are just some of the comments we have received from our customers.

Great Job

Back in Feb my car was running rough. I needed a tune up so I took the car in for a tune up. He said I needed some spark plugs wires and new spark plugs. When I got it back it ran like a top. He does great work and I would recommend him.


Very good Service!

I was impressed, they did he work on time and for the amount they quoted. Car runs great!


R. Hayes

Thanks for the great work!

Had a tune up with plugs, wires, and shocks installed. Great work at reasonable prices and excellent customer service / communication. What more could I ask ? Car runs like a champ! These guys are pros and are highly recommended!


Happens to be very honest responsible and professional

Very difficult to find an extremely honorary place to bring your car.

Brett Krayanek

Jeff is amazing!

If you have a Jeep, he is definitely your guy. Honest and knowledgeable.

Liz Taylor

I trust Jeffery and his team.

I know what to expect and everything works great!

Amanda Katz

VintageWorks1 has the knowledge and experience to accomplish top-notch racecar builds.

Their knowledge of racecar setup took my car from handling well to near perfect with a racing alignment and corner balance. Every person that has driven my car on track comments about the handling! They also have great knowledge of part selection. I tasked them with installing a fire suppression system and I was very pleased with how professional the install was. If you need work done I highly recommend them and they are the shop I send my friends to.

Stuart Biggs

AJ and crew are some of the most trustworthy mechanics I’ve ever met.

From Camrys to Camaros to Countachs, they do it all.

Daniel Cooper

Excellent experience

Performed a vvt Swap in my Miata. Runs like a top. Will send all friends here.

Reid Traylor

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service and had me come in the next day on an emergency fix for my Winch. Synthetic rope had snapped! Great help!

Brandon Bell

Started and finished at the promised times

Started and finished at the promised times and communicated with me throughout the process of a timing belt change for an 03 Tacoma

Jonathan Ongtingco

I brought these folks a 24 year old Miata, and asked for a small miracle.

They delivered! The car runs and drives fantastic! My wife refuses to drive her daily driver now, she is having to much fun in her Mazda.
Thanks guys, job well done.

Jeff Banker

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