Are you a car owner whose machine is an extension of the “real you” and for whom caring for your auto is not so much auto repair as it is a natural part of keeping yourself healthy and whole, like brushing your teeth? If keeping your machine healthy, whether it be a car, jeep, van or truck, is as natural to you as cleaning your socks regularly, then Autoworks1 may be the place you want. Here, customers are family and everyone knows that their chief mechanic, Kerry Singley, is a best of the best.

Kerry began his interest in fixing motors as a 12 year old when he traded a bicycle for a Honda motorcycle with a blown engine. As he took the engine apart and learned how to put it back together and make it work again, the sound of that engine purring anew became the calling to his new interest in fixing motors. Most likely, this was also influenced by the fact that at that time, he lived close by to a junkyard, and as a young boy enjoyed pulling parts from the junked cars for the owners to sell. By the time he was in high school he was hooked, so he studied auto repair in formal classes and even won a scholarship to Watterson Institute of Technology, a diesel college. Fortunately for all of us, his high school mentor had him check out some diesel repair shops which led to him deciding that auto repair was more important in his life, and he chose to continue working in auto repair. Simply put, “auto repair was more exciting to me”, he says. In fact, he started to work part time legally in the field at the tender age of 13 with special permission from the appropriate authorities.

Today, as the head of Autoworks1, Kerry is building a loyal customer base of “people who have a passion for their cars and treat them like a member of their families.” Way beyond auto repair, the typical Autoworks1 customer is interested in maintaining his or her machine in top shape. Some are professionals who look to Kerry to keep their race cars at the ready.

The Autoworks1 Newsletter will bring to you twice a month, information about maintaining your machine in “always ready to go” shape and regular articles about what Kerry is up to, the shop and what’s happening in the industry.