In today’s world of specialization, having one location for full maintenance of your travel machine is not all that easy. We all want to have a home for maintaining our car, jeep or truck, but then, what to do when it’s time for auto repair, when the engine is not running properly, who do you turn to? Uniquely, Autoworks1 is both a throwback to the local garage where you gassed up, changed oil and lubed when it was time, and knew that there was a top notch mechanic available; and a laboratory of trained auto maintenance engineers with the latest equipment to check out not only the computer in your car, but listen carefully to the engine with those gifted ears that hear what’s going on.

We also have one of the top auto repair gurus in the person of Kerry Singley who combines a lifelong passion for repairing motors to his experience as a winning race car driver who now provides track support for racing teams. And, at Autoworks1, Kerry is available to check out your own treasure on a regular basis. It’s like having the best of both worlds: traditional caring for your machine, maintaining it on a regular basis, and having a world class repair shop all rolled into one. Autoworks1 is the 21st Century version of the local garage grown up to support a regional family of regular and sophisticated customers. Let’s put it this way: If you love your machine, the guys and gals at Autoworks1 will love it with you and care for it in the manner you want. And all of this at a competitive price. Because Kerry and his team really have a passion for what they do.

If you are seeking a real home for your machine, check out Autoworks1. You’ll be glad you did!