Our Mission

Autoworks1 Professional Auto Service is committed to serving you, our customer, with professional automotive service and maintenance services at a reasonable cost with qualified technicians. We use quality NAPA, Worldpac and Advance Auto Parts Products, backed by a Nationwide Worry Free Driving warranty. We stand on sound business principles and uphold high ethical standards. Our goal is to make your automotive experience friendly and successful so we will become your first stop for all your automotive needs.

About Autoworks1

Kerry Singley is the founder and owner of Autoworks1. Since 1991, Autoworks1 has ben providing automotive repair and maintenance services to the Alpharetta and Cumming area. We started as just a automotive shop but today, we also are a 4×4 and race shop. Our company continues to grow every year and we hope to continue that by offering the best customer service, work quality, and products. As a company we take pride in our work and relationship with our customers. Our shop is a very friendly and open shop. We don’t want people to feel uneasy when bringing their vehicle to us.

Kerry began his interest in fixing motors as a 12-year-old when he traded a bicycle for a Honda motorcycle with a blown engine. As he took the engine apart and learned how to put it back together and make it work again, the sound of that engine purring anew became the calling to his new interest in fixing motors. Most likely, this was also influenced by the fact that at that time, he lived close by to a junkyard, and as a young boy enjoyed pulling parts from the junked cars for the owners to sell. By the time he was in high school he was hooked, so he studied auto repair in formal classes and even won a scholarship to Watterson Institute of Technology, a diesel college.

Fortunately for all of us, his high school mentor had him check out some diesel repair shops which led to him deciding that auto repair was more important in his life, and he chose to continue working in auto repair. Simply put, “auto repair was more exciting to me”, he says. In fact, he started to work part time legally in the field at the tender age of 13 with special permission from the appropriate authorities.

Today, as the head of Autoworks1, Kerry is building a loyal customer base of “people who have a passion for their cars and treat them like a member of their families.” Way beyond auto repair, the typical Autoworks1 customer is interested in maintaining his or her machine in top shape. Some are professionals who look to Kerry to keep their race cars at the ready.

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What our customers say

We welcome our clients feedback on our work. Below are just some of the comments we have received from our customers.

Great Job

Back in Feb my car was running rough. I needed a tune up so I took the car in for a tune up. He said I needed some spark plugs wires and new spark plugs. When I got it back it ran like a top. He does great work and I would recommend him.


Very good Service!

I was impressed, they did he work on time and for the amount they quoted. Car runs great!


R. Hayes

Thanks for the great work!

Had a tune up with plugs, wires, and shocks installed. Great work at reasonable prices and excellent customer service / communication. What more could I ask ? Car runs like a champ! These guys are pros and are highly recommended!


Happens to be very honest responsible and professional

Very difficult to find an extremely honorary place to bring your car.

Brett Krayanek

Jeff is amazing!

If you have a Jeep, he is definitely your guy. Honest and knowledgeable.

Liz Taylor

I trust Jeffery and his team.

I know what to expect and everything works great!

Amanda Katz

VintageWorks1 has the knowledge and experience to accomplish top-notch racecar builds.

Their knowledge of racecar setup took my car from handling well to near perfect with a racing alignment and corner balance. Every person that has driven my car on track comments about the handling! They also have great knowledge of part selection. I tasked them with installing a fire suppression system and I was very pleased with how professional the install was. If you need work done I highly recommend them and they are the shop I send my friends to.

Stuart Biggs

AJ and crew are some of the most trustworthy mechanics I’ve ever met.

From Camrys to Camaros to Countachs, they do it all.

Daniel Cooper

Excellent experience

Performed a vvt Swap in my Miata. Runs like a top. Will send all friends here.

Reid Traylor

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service and had me come in the next day on an emergency fix for my Winch. Synthetic rope had snapped! Great help!

Brandon Bell

Started and finished at the promised times

Started and finished at the promised times and communicated with me throughout the process of a timing belt change for an 03 Tacoma

Jonathan Ongtingco

I brought these folks a 24 year old Miata, and asked for a small miracle.

They delivered! The car runs and drives fantastic! My wife refuses to drive her daily driver now, she is having to much fun in her Mazda.
Thanks guys, job well done.

Jeff Banker

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